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Who is this for?

This is for Non-Profits like School PTO's who want to automate their membership entry.

The skill level for the end users is spread sheet data entry with no coding experience. Maintaining a website most likely will be beyond the user's abilities.


Google scripts for Google Form generation and public and private membership information. Plus information on how a non-profit can obtain a G-Suites account for Free.


Nonprofits spend their time manually entering membership information into spread sheets. Google Forms and Sheets can be used to automate this task.

To Do: * Develop instructions on how to use a set of Google scripts that will auto generate a public and private membership directory as Google sheets. The public directory will sort the private directory by the child's grade as separate sheets.

  • Develop instructions on how to use google Scripts to generate a form

  • Develop instructions on how to link membership payment system (PayPal)

  • Develop instructions on how a non-profit can set up a G-Suites for non-profits.

  • Finish creating the Google scripts.


But Feb 2018



Google Scripts

Google Scripts are Java(esq)scripts that can be run within the Google Sheet. You can create custom drop down menus with google scripts.

How Set are you with Google Scripts

Whet down the Google script route since I am using the G-Suite products: Sheets, Sites and Forms. There are limitations with going down this route. I am not a web developer so did not go down the creation of a website. But I am open to hear ideals.

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