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David Best IFoundADog Update #1

There is an experimental cross-brigade collaboration starting up called "IFoundADog." This "Brigade Action Team" will be an opportunity to build something that can enhance dog identify in Montgomery County, but equally important, to find a way for Brigade members to team up with people from other Brigades around the country to work locally on issues of interest to them. Read about how to sign up here, and we'll also discuss this at the next meetup.

Janet Michaelis Digital Citizenship Workshop Buzz

RSVP for the Digital Citizenship Workshop

Our civic lives are increasingly conducted in digital spaces. Can ordinary citizens find opportunities in the data to more effectively participate in our own governance? What public data can we access, and how do we make sense of it when we get it? How can we use technology to enhance our civic engagement in meaningful ways?

Technologists, Researchers, Journalists, and publically minded folks of all skill sets and levels are invited to join us in the Community Room at the new Downtown branch of Dayton Metro Library for a day of exploring these questions.

The morning session will be an exploration of public data with our presenters, including investigative reporters from the Cox News iTeam, and researchers from the Dayton Metro Library. If you’ve wondered about how FOIA requests work, we’re having a point/counterpoint discussion between a requester and someone who has to respond to them. We’re going to have a few I-Team reporters walking through some stories, talking about the way they acquire, understand, and use data. Finally, we’ll have some library research experts talking through some of the great resources the Dayton Metro Library can provide.

After lunch, we’ll have breakout sessions to put this knowledge into practical action. This isn’t just for programmers; there will be a group for those looking to BUILD in software, LEARN research techniques, and EXPLORE data visually.

Code for Dayton is an all volunteer organization. The $10 suggested donation covers lunch, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day. We’ll reach out to get any dietary requirements or restrictions as the event gets nearer. To get the most out of this event, bring a laptop, ideas, and a notebook!

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